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            Price List - January 2010

                    (Click on the Product Code to view the item)


Product Code                    Description                                  Price

BON01                            Speedo head bracket - Castle/Harley fork                    32.50

BON02                            Drive gearbox bracket - RWD                                    55.00

BON03                            Internal drive gears - pair                                           50.00

BON04                            Driven Gear - 26T for drive gearbox                           30.00

BON05                            Drive Gear - 52T for FWD                                        62.50

BON06                            Clamp Segments for FWD                                         10.00

BON07                            Drive Gear - 65T for RWD                                        62.50

BON08                            Drive Cable - FWD                                                    80.00

BON09                            Drive Cable - RWD                                                    95.00

BON10                            Drive Gearbox*                                                        245.00

BON11                            Handlebar Clamp**                                                    47.50

BON12                            Gearbox Bracket - FWD                                              15.00

BON13                            Replacement Glass - plain                                              4.00

BON14                            Replacement Glass - bevel                                            17.50

BON16                            Gear Pair - for drive gearbox***                                   80.00 


*         Please specify FWD or RWD, right or left side fitment.

**       For 1" bars only - sleeve down for 7/8".

***     Please specify FWD or RWD, right or left side fitment.   



No VAT is currently chargeable.

Postage and packing will be charged at cost.

Payment by electronic transfer, cleared personal cheque, cash or credit cards via PayPal. Regret 3.5% surcharge for PayPal.




Restoration and repair costs will depend on the work required. The level of renovation will be specified by the customer, be it simply a repair and calibrate or a full mechanical and cosmetic restoration. I try to keep the cost of a basic restoration under 120 - this to include mechanical overhaul, re-nickelled case, hands re-blued. Additional parts such as replacement dial or internal gears would be at extra cost.




Reconditioned speedometers are usually available - please enquire for prices as these vary according to specification and condition.

Bonniksen speedometers always wanted, regardless of condition; I will buy your unwanted speedo for cash or make a generous allowance against services provided.