The Bonniksen Boy

Restoration, Repair and Supply of Bonniksen Speedometers and Ancilliaries


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Services Guide


A flexible service is offered, providing the customer with anything from a simple repair, through complete restoration of a speedometer head, to the supply of a complete speedo kit comprising all necessary fittings, gears and cable. Restored speedo heads are usually available. Please enquire for prices and availability.

Mechanical restoration typically consists of stripping the movement for inspection, cleaning and adjustment. Any worn or broken parts can be rectified at this stage. Cosmetic restoration consists of re-nickelling the case and bezel, re-blueing of the hands and cleaning or replacement of the glass with a new weather seal. Replacement dials are available if the original is no longer serviceable, as are new dial fixing screws.



Please feel free to contact me with any enquiry, however trivial. Advice costs nothing and I am always pleased to help.




They are not usually this bad - and it is rare for a Bonniksen to be completely unrestorable. This example has a badly oxidised aluminium dial and the case has suffered a very hard life! Furthermore, water has entered the movement and rusting of the steel parts has rendered this particular speedo beyond economic repair.





The movement is a masterpiece of the clockmakers art. Splitting the plates is a daunting task, but often necessary during routine overhaul. The gear cluster in the foreground incorporates a slipping clutch mechanism responsible for the 'dual hand' nature of the speedo's method of speed indication.






Restored 'Time and Trip' speedo with new gearbox, cable and gears for  Brough Superior rear wheel drive.





The case has been restored, hands re-blued, and a new dial fitted.






The Bonniksen Tachometer - fully restored.